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8K HD PTZ Drone

8K HD PTZ Drone

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Introducing Our High-Flyer GPS Drone – Your Ultimate Adventure Companion!

Unleash the power of technology with our sleek and compact GPS drone, designed to take your adventures to new heights. Its dimensions are a perfect blend of portability and performance – unfold it to a striking 23x18x7cm size, and effortlessly fold it down to a pocket-friendly 16x10x7cm for on-the-go excitement.

Soar Longer, Capture More:

Embark on extended aerial escapades with our impressive single battery life of approximately 30 minutes. But that's just the beginning – our drone offers an array of battery options that will keep you in the air and capturing breathtaking moments like never before:

🔋 Single Battery: Soar for 30 minutes of non-stop action.

🔋 Double the Thrills: Equip with 2 batteries for a thrilling 60-minute flight.

🔋 Triple the Fun: Elevate your experience with 3 batteries, enjoying a generous 90 minutes in the skies.

🔋 Quadruple Power: Maximize your adventure time with 4 batteries, boasting an incredible 120 minutes of flight time.

Masterful Control, Stunning Visuals:

Control isn't just a word – it's an experience. Take the reins with our handle control, or elevate your creative game with the seamless APP aerial photography feature. With a remarkable remote control distance of about 5000 meters and picture transmission up to 3000 meters, you're free to explore vast landscapes and capture jaw-dropping panoramas like never before.

Precision Flight at Your Fingertips:

Our drone isn't just a machine; it's a precision instrument. Enjoy the benefits of GPS and optical flow positioning, ensuring your flight experience is smooth, stable, and breathtakingly accurate. Hover confidently as you capture the world from new angles and perspectives.

Your Adventure Awaits:

Whether you're an adrenaline junkie seeking heart-pounding action or a creative spirit eager to capture the beauty of the world, our GPS drone is your ticket to boundless excitement. Elevate your adventures, tell your stories, and seize the skies with our extraordinary technology.

Get ready to redefine what's possible – your journey begins with our high-flyer GPS drone.

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