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GPS positioning high-definition camera drone

GPS positioning high-definition camera drone

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  • Discover the Ultimate Adventure Companion – Our Advanced GPS Drone!

    Step into a world of exhilarating exploration with our cutting-edge GPS drone. Crafted from high-toughness explosion-proof ABS and enriched with electronic components, this drone is your ticket to unlocking uncharted skies and capturing breathtaking moments.

    Unveiling Unmatched Features:

    • Precision Positioning:

      • Harness the power of GPS satellite anti-lost positioning for unparalleled accuracy in flight.
    • Swift Charging:

      • Ready for action in just 1-2 hours, our drone's speedy charging lets you maximize your time in the air.
    • Extended Flight Time:

      • Empower your adventures with the 7.4V 1800mAh battery, offering an impressive flight time of about 25 minutes.
    • Limitless Exploration:

      • Traverse up to 8000 meters with ease and cruise through the skies at around 30 km/h.
    • Dual-Camera Marvel:

      • Capture the world in stunning detail. With a 4K Ultra HD front camera and a 1080P Ultra HD bottom camera, your visuals will be nothing short of spectacular.
    • Innovative Additions:

      • Never lose your way with GPS positioning anti-loss. Return home with ease on low battery, over distance, or loss of control.
      • One-key return home ensures a safe landing with just a touch.
      • Experience stability like never before with optical flow positioning and anti-shake technology.
      • Perform jaw-dropping 360° orbiting flights, and let the drone follow your lead intelligently.
      • Take beauty shots, create stunning MVs, and tailor your flight path with custom routes.
      • Marvel at long-distance flight capabilities and automatic follow-up shooting for captivating visuals.
      • Command the skies with mobile phone control and enjoy the convenience of one-key take-off and landing.

    Flexible Control Options:

    • Choose your mode: Seamlessly switch between handle remote control and mobile phone control for a tailored experience.

    Built for the Future:

    Crafted from environmentally friendly materials, our drone combines innovation and sustainability to redefine your adventures.

    Your Adventure Awaits:

    Unlock new dimensions of excitement, capture the extraordinary, and control your journey with our advanced GPS drone. It's more than a drone – it's a gateway to limitless possibilities.

    Elevate your experience – the sky is no longer the limit. Get ready to soar!

    Product size: 33x33x6cm
    Folded size: 18.5x12.5x6cm

  • Packing list:
    1. 1 x 4DRC F3 drone
    2. 1 x 2.4G remote control
    3. 1× 7.4V 2000mAh modular battery (lithium battery)
    4. 1 x handbag
    5. 1 x USB charging cable
    6. 4 x spare propellers,
    7. 4 x spare screws (additional)
    8. 1 x screwdriver

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