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Professional GPS foldable drone

Professional GPS foldable drone

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Introducing Our Smart GPS Drone – Elevate Your Aerial Adventure!

Get ready to experience the skies like never before with our cutting-edge GPS drone. Designed to thrill and equipped with an array of intelligent features, this drone is your gateway to capturing stunning visuals and embracing a new era of aerial exploration.

Unveil the Features:

  • Return with Precision:

    • Tap into the power of GPS with the touch of a button. Return to your take-off point effortlessly.
    • Low on battery or lost signal? No problem. Our drone safely returns home on its own.
  • Intelligent Tracking:

    • Experience freedom with GPS-driven intelligent follow. Your drone tailors its flight path to yours.
    • Image follow enhances the adventure. Let GPS signal guide the way for captivating automatic flights.
  • Capture Gestures, Create Memories:

    • Strike a pose within 1-3 meters, and our drone captures your moment with gesture recognition.
    • Snap a shot or capture video seamlessly with gesture commands.
  • Your Designed Flight Path:

    • Plan multi-point routes effortlessly. Your drone autonomously follows your course, while you focus on capturing the action.
  • Locked-in Surround:

    • Find your epicenter and set your desired radius using the joystick. Your drone revolves around the chosen point, capturing captivating footage.
  • Easy Retrieval:

    • With a simple triple-tap on the GPS signal icon, access the map interface. Track your drone's distance, latitude, and longitude.
  • Share Your World:

    • Share your adventures through photos and videos. Choose from single or multiple selections to showcase your journey.
  • Wide-Angle Vision:

    • A 90° adjustable HD wide-angle camera awaits, providing breathtaking perspectives. Plus, it's detachable for added flexibility.
  • Power on Demand:

    • Empower your flights with the pluggable 11.1V smart lithium battery, offering extended flight time.
  • Powerful Performance:

    • Battery: 11.1V / 4000mAh smart lithium battery (included). 3.7V 350mAh battery for remote control.
    • Charging: Rev up with USB charging in approximately 240 minutes.
    • Flight Time: Soar for about 25 minutes per charge.
    • Control Distance: Extend your reach up to 600 meters.
    • Accessories: Complete with 4 blades, 2 USB charging cables, and a handy screwdriver.

    Seize Every Angle:

    • Capture stunning 4K visuals with a 90° adjustable wide-angle camera.
    • Detach the camera for unique perspectives and explore vertical shooting with dual camera options.

    Embrace the skies, tell your stories, and capture your world like never before with our smart GPS drone. Elevate your adventure today!



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